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Jeremy Goldstein Speaks Out On How to Manage Employees, with Shareholder Expectation in Mind

February 27, 2018 Law, Lawyers, New York No Comments

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates LLC. He is an experienced legal mind at financial matters including merger and acquisition issues. Jeremy makes his contribution and recommendations about how to sustain companies in the wake of employment demands. He suggests that there is a need to compromise on […]

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Scott Rocklage Of 5AM Ventures Explains His Interest In Expansion Therapeutics

February 15, 2018 People No Comments

Expansion Therapeutics is a biotechnology company which is researching cures for genetic disorders. Myotonic dystrophy type 1 is one their researching. This genetic disorder is the most likely cause of an adult developing muscular dystrophy. So far they have raised $53.3 million to fund their research effort. There are four main venture capital firms that […]

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