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Jacob Gottlieb

May 25, 2018 Business, Business Minds No Comments

The son of Polish immigrants, Jacob Gottlieb’s parents came to America in the late 1960’s to give themselves and their child a better life. They moved to Brooklyn, New York where they did very well for themselves. Gottlieb’s father was an Economics professor, his mother a Pediatrician. So it’s no wonder Gottlieb had the interests […]

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Mike Baur: 20 Years of Banking

March 17, 2018 Business, Business Expert, Business Minds No Comments

Anytime someone spends over a decade working in the same industry, it can be hard to move one. That’s something that Mike Baur dealt with even though he was ready to leave banking. He got his first taste of banking at a Union Bank of Switzerland. He’d always had a love for finance and banking, […]

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What It Takes to Succeed with Marc Sparks

August 28, 2017 Business Expert, Business Minds, Entrepreneur No Comments

Marc Sparks says that there are two things that are crucial for every new business. These two things are resources and business model. Mark Sparks then says that his company, Timber Creek Capital can accommodate three companies at a go. This is crucial during the incubation period when every company needs to be monitored. In […]

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