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Doe Deere:

May 1, 2018 No Comments

If you are as makeup obsessed and in-the-know as the rest of the current social media world, you’ve probably heard of the vibrantly vegan cosmetics brand Lime Crime. Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny, the self proclaimed “cult favorite” and one of the first ever “digitally native beauty brands,” Lime Crime and it’s founder, Doe Deere, are storming the makeup scene, quickly taking the number one spot as the most beloved cosmetic line in history.

Made with the glam-loving, effervescent millennial era in mind, Lime Crime has become the leader in vivid, bright hair dyes and long-lasting lipsticks. The rest of their products follow the lead of their fan favorites, providing endurance-friendly merchandise that is making every first time buyer, a life-long, repeat customer. The mastermind of it all lies behind fiery, red hair and stunning, sultry eyes. German born, New York City native, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is on a mission to provide cosmetics that “do more than just conceal imperfections, but are a form of freedom and self-expression.” Creating hair dyes, nail polishes, eye shadows, and lipsticks that don’t just explode with color and individuality, but are made from safe and quality materials, has always been Deere’s passion, and she’s doing it unapologetically.

In 2004, Deere created an eBay page for her new, DIY, makeup and fashion line, under the username Limecrime. The page would become the first platform where customers could purchase products that would one day be trademarked under Lime Crime. Deere said her inspiration came from a lack of products she wanted to use herself, finding only traditional colors in hair dye and makeup that didn’t suit her luminous and wild self. In an interview with Idea Mensch, Deere told the world, “Beauty isn’t what’s “natural” or “looks best” but rather what feels right at the moment.” In 2008, she officially opened her business under the signature name it’s now known by. In addition to being a role model to future girl bosses everywhere, Doe Deere spends her free time mentoring female entrepreneurs, as well as speaking about following your ambitions and finding your voice at public events across the Nation.

Lime Crime’s goal is to shake up the cosmetics world by providing out-of-the-box, “unicorn inspired,” makeup for customers who souls sparkle and yearn for more than they can find in the average drug store makeup aisle and patrons of the bust-out brand are loving every second of it. Deere’s promise for her company is to always rebel and never be boring, stating on Lime Crime’s website, “If we aren’t totally obsessed with it, we just won’t make it!” Learn more: