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Jeremy Goldstein Speaks Out On How to Manage Employees, with Shareholder Expectation in Mind

February 27, 2018 No Comments

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates LLC. He is an experienced legal mind at financial matters including merger and acquisition issues. Jeremy makes his contribution and recommendations about how to sustain companies in the wake of employment demands. He suggests that there is a need to compromise on employee incentives if companies are to be helped to get out of the financial quagmire. Learn more:



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy is a practicing lawyer in the city of New York. He worked as a partner in several law firms before he started his firm. He has penned his name to some of the major corporate deals that happened over the last ten years. When Goodrich was acquired by United Technologies, Mr. Goldstein was a lead lawyer in the deal. He was also involved in the Dow Chemical Company versus Rohm and Haas Company among other prominent corporations. It is evident that his opinion is a highly regarded assessment in matters financial.



Jeremy Goldstein is also the chair of the Merger & Acquisition subcommittee. The merger and Acquisitions committee is under the Business Section of the American Bar Association. Mr. Goldstein is a writer with some publications under his name. He has a special focus on executive compensation. Indeed, Mr. Goldstein is listed as a highly successful lawyer. Mr. Goldstein attended the School of Law of New York University where he got his JD degree. He also has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. He holds a BA from Cornell University. He has made several publications relating to executive compensation and the need to settle, for compromises.



Crowns on the Caps



Judging from the way he conducts his business on a daily basis, Jeremy Goldstein is an authority on what he does. He is a lead lawyer in discussing and sealing deals involving major companies. In particular, he has a bias for mergers and acquisitions. Some people may refer to Mr. Goldstein as a busybody or shareholder activist, but he gives his views all the same. In his latest analysis of the financial situation of companies, Jeremy Goldstein proposes that companies leverage Earnings per Share to offer salaries. He also adds that the focus should be how to increase the earnings. Once the earnings per share have improved, employers will feel the need to compensate their employees. Thus, in his view, firms should settle for employee incentives instead of insisting on salaries that may not be sustainable.


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