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Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s Expression of Beauty

November 15, 2017 No Comments

A recent interview with the Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere yielded great insight into the development of one of the makeup industry’s fastest growing companies. Doe Deere was born in Russia and she moved to New York City at the age of 17. As a young woman she attended FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, which gave her the education that allowed her to express her interest in clothing. She feels very strongly, that fashion and makeup go hand in hand. This explains why a student of fashion would eventually gravitate to cosmetics.

As the creator of her own line of cosmetics she was able to use her aesthetic. She loved of bold colors at a time when the makeup industry promoted the natural look only. She produced the bold colors she liked and found that there was a large number of women just like her that wanted the same colors, thus Lime Crime’s large following.

Lime Crime’s Matte Lipstick Colors

Black Velvet

Denim (a medium blue)

Alien (a light green)

Perlees Lip Colors (combining metallic and matte)

Beetle (brown)

Asphalt (a deep purple)

Penny (a bold copper)

Doe Deere had two career options as an adult. She started out as a musician. She was a part of a punk rock band for years. That’s where she met her husband. They wrote music together in the band and today they are partners in the makeup industry. It wasn’t until later that she ventured into makeup when she couldn’t find colors that she liked at the makeup counter.

Being an entrepreneur, Doe Deere offered some advice for future business owners. She believes they should follow her example and do something they love. She loves fashion and makeup. She changes her hair colors from purple to pink, almost as often as she switches lip colors. She believes if you pursue something you love you will succeed. She recalled her first business as a 13 year old in Russia. She discovered temporary tattoos and wore them proudly. When she saw the reaction, she started selling them. From that positive experience she learned you could win if you’re passionate about what you do.

Doe Deere is passionate about her line of makeup, Lime Crime. She has picked up her sensibilities for style from around the world, starting with her birth place, Russia, next Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY and now California. Lime Crime is poised to explode as more and more women travel and learn more about the world and adopt the same sensibilities that allow Doe Deere to express herself so freely. Learn more: