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Looking for an Interior Designer in New York? Richard Mishaan is Your Man

July 31, 2017 No Comments

The look of one’s home is very important. How your house looks can either help you relax or contribute towards your other stresses. As such, the interior designer one uses for their space is quite important. One of the very best interior designers out there is Richard Mishaan. Mr. Mishaan is an experienced designer, having worked in the New York interior design industry for the last two decades. He is the founder and operator of Richard Mishaan Designs, one of the most revered firms in the city.

Richard Mishaan Designs offers more than just aesthetically pleasing designs. The company also offers both luxury and comfort. Richard Mishaan has been able to accomplish this by using a combination of diverse styles in his designs. This ranges from incorporating different colors and patterns to using styles from two or more design eras. While in theory this mixing and matching should not work, it typically produces designs that are not only unique, but that also ooze of a lot of class and luxury.

No client of Richard Mishaan Designs gets a design similar to that of another client. This down to the fact that in creating his designs, Richard Mishaan also incorporates the wants and desires of his clients. As such, they end up with designs that feel like their own creations.

Before forming Richard Mishaan Designs, Mr. Mishaan briefly worked at the New York office of famed architect, Philip Johnson. With architecture being one of Richard Mishaan Design’s primary focuses, together with interior design and fashion, working with Philip Johnson greatly shaped the type designer he would later become.

Equally, Richard Mishaan is attempting to shape and mold what young interior designers will become in future. As such, he has authored two greatly insightful books. The first is Modern Luxury and the second is Artfully Modern.