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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Set The Pace For Bradesco

April 6, 2018 No Comments

The time to call it a day for Luiz Carlos Trabuco at Bradesco is nigh. After a sterling career as a dedicated employee of the group including serving in management for decades, Mr. Trabuco has reached the point when the cycle of leadership at the peak of Bradesco Group ushers him to the next phase of his life. Mr. Trabuco has provided direction on the bank’s operational changes in the coming days. He says that the next president of the bank will have to leave the executive board of directors.

An Interview with Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Mr. Trabuco explained that in the coming days, in keeping with the group’s tradition of grooming its leaders among its lot, the expectation is that the next president will be among the vice presidents of the group currently. Prior to Mr. Trabuco’s elevation to The President of Bradesco, Lazaro Brandao resigned from being the Chairman of the bank’s board according to The management did not waste much time. They replaced Brandao with Trabuco, a decision that they must have lived to celebrate. Mr. Trabuco’s vice president position was filled by Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme. Alberto had worked for Bradesco for over a decade. Trabuco would still run both portfolios in the meantime until after a couple of months. The Central Bank Rules require that Bradesco submits the name of the officials and the current president a month before the scheduled meeting of the board. Brandao said that prior to his resignation he decided to change the rule so that Trabuco would be able to extend his leadership term beyond the earlier stipulated limit of 65 years. He explained that he wanted the bank to have ample time to make a decision about succession.

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How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Came To the Peak Of Bradesco Group

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over the leadership of the bank when it had over 14 million customers who could make digital transactions. Another 13 million could not do so. CEO Trabuco had a job cut out for him to bring more customers to the digital platform. While Brandao, believed that the government was discordant and slow in delivering the requisite economic environment for the private sector to flourish, Trabuco thought that the consumption by families will play a major role in the resumption of performance of the Brazilian economy. He believed that the economy of Brazil was not tied to the politics of the time.

The Changeover; Octavio De Lazari Comes On

The Bradesco management recently announced that Octavio De Lazari, the current Bradesco Seguros President, will come to the helm of Bradesco Bank. According to the information provided by the current president, the succession process is a formal procedure that involves nomination and succession of new CEO that is overseen by the Succession and Appointment Committee. Mr. Trabuco indicated in an interview with press people that his replacement was a well thought out procedure on the bank’s calendar. He noted that the process was scheduled to be concluded in March. Lazari takes over a huge bank. Bradesco is, currently Brazil’s, second largest bank. It is ahead of the park in several respects including the number of account holders among others.

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