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Mike Baur: 20 Years of Banking

March 17, 2018 No Comments

Anytime someone spends over a decade working in the same industry, it can be hard to move one. That’s something that Mike Baur dealt with even though he was ready to leave banking. He got his first taste of banking at a Union Bank of Switzerland.

He’d always had a love for finance and banking, so it only made sense for him to begin his career shortly after graduating. From day one, Baur knew he’d found his lifelong career. One of the hiring managers at the bank sat Baur down and went over every possible promotion and achievement he believed Baur would earn before retirement.

That prediction almost proved accurate. Baur went on to work for UBS for over 15 years. He earned numerous promotions, as predicted, but didn’t want to work for UBS forever. In 2008, he left the bank and joined another bank: Clariden Leu.

The story was the same at Clariden Leu. He earned numerous high-ranking positions and benefited from generous compensation. He only worked Clariden for six years, deciding to leave in 2014. His behavior seemed erratic to most, but he’d lost interest in banking and was looking for something new.

What Baur wanted fell into the category of entrepreneurship. He’d grown tired of working for other people and wanted to start working with technology startups. The best way he could accomplish this was to start his own incubator program. Along with Max Meister, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. This was his greatest accomplishment.

He immediately fell in love with working with all the young tech entrepreneurs. His company offered numerous services, including a three-month Accelerator Program that taught young startups everything they needed to achieve success. The more promising startups got additional services like financial support and personalized assistance.

Over the years, Baur started other companies. He even founded a financial advisory firm that’s tailored toward the more affluent members of society. He spends most of his time working with SSUF, teaching young enterprises about financing and fundraising. As much as he hated banking by the end of his banking career, it’d been a part of his life for over 20 years.

He was an expert banker and that’s too much talent to just throw away. He is using his banking skills to grow the next generation of tech companies.