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Securus Technologies Develops Technology to Prevent Illegal Inmate Use of a Cellphone

January 10, 2018 No Comments

One of the most significant security threats at the thousands of different correctional facilities in the United States, on the local, state, and federal levels, is the introduction of illegal cellphones into the inmate population. Securus Technologies is an industry leader when it comes to technologies designed to enhance correctional institution safety. Towards that end, Securus Technologies has developed what the company has named Wireless Containment Systems, or WCS.


In the process of implementing WCS in different correctional institutions in North America, Securus Technologies has presented some truly alarming statistics. The company documented illegal inmate communications Securus Technologies intercepted and prevented at eight correctional institutions.


Over the course of one year, Securus Technologies prevented an incredible 1.7 million illegal inmate communications at these eight institutions. The company is expanding the use of WCS to other correctional facilities in the United States and Canada.


Securus Technologies currently provides services to over 3,400 correctional and law enforcement agencies in North America. These services impact over 1.2 million offenders.


Securus Technologies is not the only entity or individual involved in combating the use of illegal cellphones by incarcerated men and women. Former Florida corrections officer Robert Johnson has made eradicating cellphones from correctional facilities his goal in life. Indeed, this has become a personal quest for Johnson.


When Johnson was employed at a corrections officer in Florida. One day during his shift, Johnson came upon a box of contraband intended for the inmate population. Johnson prevented the contraband from getting into the institution.


The inmate behind the scheme to get the contraband into the facility was highly upset with having his illegal conduct thwarted. He determined to obtain revenge. He had an illegal cellphone in his possession.


The inmate telephoned an associated located beyond the walls of the correctional facility. With a phone call or two, the inmate was able to arrange a hit on corrections officer Johnson.


The associate of the inmate carried out the plan by breaking into Johnson’s home early one morning. Johnson was getting ready for work.


Once inside the residence, the inmate’s associate gunned down Johnson, leaving him for dead. In fact, doctor’s felt virtually certain that Johnson wound not survive the shooting. He did.


Following his recovery, Johnson began speaking out about the vital need to keep cellphones out of the hands of incarcerated people. Institutional security depends on keeping inmates away from illegal cellphones. As the case of Robert Johnson proves, public safety mandates that cellphones be kept out of correctional facilities.


Keep in mind that the Johnson case represents one example of an inmate plotting criminal activity from inside a correctional facility. These scheme include everything from murders to drug deals to a range of other crimes.


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