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Union Organizer Jim Larkin

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Born in 1876 in Liverpool, England Jim Larkin was a prominent leader in establishing labor unions. He established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. After establishing the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, Jim traveled to the United States. Eventually, he would be deported back to Liverpool. However, during his stay in the United States he worked feverishly to support all activities for local labor unions.


James Larkin grew up in the slums of Liverpool, England. Struggling to survive in the slums, there was very little time for a formal education. To support his family, Jim held a variety of jobs in Liverpool. Eventually, he landed a job as a dock foreman in Liverpool. Known as a socialist, he thought workers were routinely mistreated and worked in dangerous conditions.


Jim created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union in 1907. The Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union combined all workers, both skilled and unskilled into one organization. The Irish Labor party was created by Jim Larkin. The Irish Labor Party was responsible for strikes and other labor activities throughout Ireland. James was the one responsible for starting the infamous 1913 Dublin lockout. For nine months over 100,000 workers went on strike, crippling many industries in Ireland. Eventually, the strike greatly improved working conditions for those who were part of the union. Often called “Big Jim”, he continued to support union activities in Dublin, Ireland.


The Irish Workers and People’s Advocate newspaper was created by Jim Larkin in 1911. The newspaper was established to support local unions. During this time, it was the only formal newspaper that addressed concerns of the working class in Ireland.

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