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Utilizing Securus Technologies in a Dangerous Jail

November 4, 2017 No Comments

My job working as a corrections officer has rally changed in recent years, with violence at an all-time high as a result of the overcrowded conditions with inmates. Without increasing our staff, the jail has been utilizing resources that allow us to be in several places at the same time to try and combat the increase in violence. Once company, Securus Technologies, has developed a state-of-the-art call monitoring system that is changing the way officers identify threats inside the prison.


Securus Technologies employees a thousand of the most dedicated workers that are all in search of one objective, making this work a little safer than the day before. Their call monitoring system is up and running in well over two thousand jails, and it gives officers the unique opportunity to hear everything the inmates are saying and being able to take action instantly.


Here is how we are making use of the telephone monitoring system in our jail to tighten up security. The LBS software is programmed to identify conversations concerning drugs, contraband, gangs, or weapons. If the verbiage is picked up by the system, me and my fellow officers get an alert and take the action needed to eliminate any threat.


If the system discovers an inmate talking with family about sneaking in prescription drugs through the visitor center, we can now get an officer to that location the day the guests is due to arrive.


When inmates are bragging about drug use, we get the drug dogs to those cells that hour and remove any remnants of the drugs out of circulation.


If inmates are talking about gang issues and we discover a hit is going down, we lock down the facility and get those players out of the mix before anyone has the chance to hurt one another.


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